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WATCH IT and you will feel better

UN PEU's very own healing TV

and as Antennes Branches or Takken Televisie is wholly made from air (which the artists breathe) without money, you can contribute via:



Open from 7am to 8pm weekdays and from 11am weekends. From vinyl's, cd's, tapes, paintings, pictures, t-shirts, handkerchiefs and more. Artists who have played at UN PEU, work with us, friends....

In no significant order:

Punk Kong, PILOOT, Mes Lèvres, Under the reefs orchestra, Manon Laigle, Manon Bara, Apprendre à tuer, Mos Ensemble, Vincent Starwaver, Julien Gasc, Giovanni di Domenico, YOKAI, Les Filles d'Apocalypse, Tartine de Clous, Serge Goldwicht, Marc Rilliet, Matthieu Ha, Cayo Scheyven, Sophie Vendryes, Teuk Henri, Bààn, Soldes Almanach, Antoine Paris, Benoit+Bo, Ignacio Galilea, BbLona and many more


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